About Formator.io


Icône et Logo de Formator.io

"Create & Sale with ease..."

Formator comes from a single observation : It's hard to sell your knowledge online :

- Payment solutions integration are hard and expensive
- Fixed costs are sometimes really costy to host your courses
- Some hosting platform are not that intuitive

Once we found out these traits, the solution was rather simple : Create our own online course platform, intuitive, without fixed costs, with easy connection with the rest of an entrepreneur's environment (MailChimp, Stripe…).

Syrian, le marketeur de Formator



Syrian offered to join the team by focusing his skills to ensure the success on this huge project that is Formator. <br />Marketer and customer relationship expert, Syrian close the deals and handle clients from day 1!

Thomas Bredillet, le développeur de Formator



Thomas is the founder of Formator.io.<br />This 20 year old guy (back then), who did not have the budget to pay each month for hosting his online course, created his own with his programmation skills.

Thibault ENT, le designer de Formator



Thibault reinforced the team with his design skills. Literally rethinking the platform from header to footer to make it as smooth as possible, intuitive and catchy.<br />UX is vital for us !